CP30 – Your Self Coaching Toolbox

  • Powerful questioning –

When things aren’t going according to plan (something isn’t available you thought would be, or people pull out of your project etc) ask yourself:

–       What could be great about this?

–        What else is great about this?

Or you might even ask:

How could I be grateful that this has happened?


  • Life wheels/NLP techniques
  • Perfect –v- Good Enough exercise (2 columns and list in one column the perfect scenario and in the other what would be good enough.
  • Chunking down into bench marks: (breaking down step 1/2/3/4/5)
  • Be in the right state – for the right situation Ask ourselves, how do I need to show up? What is my attitude going into this conversation/situation? Take time out to rethink, re-energize before having the conversation. Different states give us different outcomes.
  • Change our language around the words we use ie. Confrontation change to Discussion:
  • When scared change to learning something new
  • What is my intention (setting the intention is very important)
  • Breathing techniques – 10 breaths, take a deep breath count to 10, breath all the way out, repeat counting down to 0:
  • Breath in for 4, hold for 32 and then let out for 16 counts
  • Breath in and out for 4, hold for 5 then breath in and out for 4.
  • What are you tolerating?  (Make a list and act on them)
  • Morning Questions: What am I looking forward to today?  What am I proud of? What will I accomplish today? Who do I love? Who loves me?


5 Step Self Coaching Process:

  1. Clarify your problem – What is happening that you don’t want?
  2. What do you want to achieve? – What is the ideal outcome you would like?
  3. Generate ideas and solutions – Brainstorm some ideas you could move forward with?
  4. What is the way forward? – What do you think will give you the best outcome?
  5. Take Action – What action will you commit to?

Life Wheel – click here to view

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