CP36 – Your Self Coaching Tool Box

  • Desire Maps – looking at 4 core desires (looking at your feelings on a daily basis) set up a plan around these desires,
  • The 5 why’s:  When contemplating a specific goal, ask yourself ‘why’ you’d want that, and then ‘why’ that. Within 5 why’s you will drill down to your ultimate value behind that goal.
  • ‘Goal Mapping’ created by Brian Mayne, provides a new way to describe your Goals visually, using colour and diagrams to give them greater impact for you. www.liftinternational.com
  • Vision Boarding, creating your vision and putting it on small paper or large cardboard – create it so you are reminded constantly, it acts like a magnet and a beautiful reminder,
  • Mind Mapping – Tony Buzan has many books on this,
  • Mindmeister – can import Mind Maps to the computer and design to suit your preferred style of Map.
  • The Gratitude Diary App
  • The Life Wheel – great reality check and growth tool
  • Ask the question: Am I doing this from love or fear?

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