CP45 – What Do Men Want?

  • Happy wife – Happy Life,
  • Keep men happy through his stomach – are these myths or are these truths?
  • Understanding our partners love language is one key ingredient to a successful relationship,
  • Understanding our partners personality type is very advantageous: See graphic of the 4 descriptors,
  • Fully understanding that Women and Men are different, we think differently, we act differently – however there are many basic needs that are the same,
  • We want to have something to look forward to,
  • We want to have something to do, and
  • We want to have someone to love.
  • Having boys as they grow go along to Cub scouts, Venturers, Cadets support their growth and development,
  • Father and son retreats are valuable and teach boys valuable skills (of which some are being lost in the way our children grow up in todays world),
  • Respect them for being the provider (stemming from the stone age when men were the hunters)
  • Communication is key to the success of any relationship – TALK,
  • Meeting each others needs – What do I need?  What can I do?
  • Men are not quite sure how to ‘be’ anymore due to the shift due to the increased status of women in the workplace
  • Myths about what a man is expected to be –
    • Provider/make money
    • Pressure to compete and win
    • Be physically strong
    • Mr Fix It








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