CP54 – Tribute to Wayne Dyer


The Movie – THE SHIFT http://www.hayhouse.com/the-shift-movie

We came from No-Where and we are Now-here – we have everything, we are love.

Wayne Dyer was known as the Father of Forgiveness – he always talked about the power of forgiving his father when he visited his graveside 30 August 19?? and he died 30 August 2015.

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http://www.drwaynedyer.com/tribute-register A free recording of the tribute to Dr Wayne W Dyer recorded 18 September 2015.

Ask yourself “What was my part in this?” will take you to a different place and create calm thinking in the situation.

Say to yourself “I choose peace” this will also calm us in a difficult/noisy/troublesome place.

Wayne was a catalyst for other people to get there work out into the world. He helped Anita Moorjani and Bruce Lipton promote their books.

Your Erroneous Zones was his first book and sold 35 million copies.

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