CP55 – Embracing Change


David Bowie ‘Changes

“It’s not the blowing of the wind that determines your destination, it’s the set of the sail”

     –  Jim Rohn


To the degree you try and hang on it, it’s to that degree you will suffer.


Let change flow through you, don’t resist it – this is where we grow.


The questions you are prepared to ask yourself determines your outcomes –

  • What’s great about this?
  • What is my part in this?
  • What could be great about this if it could?
  • Is it true?
  • What exactly is happening (this allows the space and thought to really look at the issue)
  • What is the worst thing that will happen?
  • What’s in my control and what is not?


Allow emotions to flow if they need to (acknowledging them is key to growth and moving on – creating change).


Nurture our changes all the time.

Notice the people in your life and the relationships it creates.

Change is inevitable.


It’s important to acknowledge the grief……..a lot of change has grief behind it as we are often loosing something, someone etc.

Put our hand up and ask for help – we don’t do this enough and people like to help. Accept the help offered.

Communication is key (speak it, put it on the table, share it – with a friend, family member, practitioner or a coach).

Reframe the change – take a new approach, get support in doing this, a coach will absolutely support you with this.

Why, Why, Why do I want to do this? What action can I take?


MOST IMPORTANTLY – Have Fun!!!!!! And know, FEAR is simply False Evidence Appearing Real.


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