CP58 – You are Never Too Old to be Awesome

The Age of Happiness


Book Recommendations:

The Zimmers – Grace Cook


Grace Cook 9- – 3 Rules of Happiness

  1. There is no need to whine and complain about the problems of life or age.  There is no sense in it.  You need to get up and do something.
  2. I forgive everything.  I don’t know why there is a need to be angry at anyone.  Listen to people. Just listen and try to understand what they are talking about.
  3. Life whatever you shape it to be.  Be happy – that’s the most important.


Keep on Smiling

Rocking Chair



“Never let an old person sneak into your body” Wayne Dyer

“You are never too old to do anything your body will allow” – Barbara Sheer

“It’s never too late to be ‘who you might’ have been” – Mark Twain

“Frequently remembering we will die, will increase the quality of our lives” – Buster Benson (creator of 750words.com)

“When your glimpse your own mortality you grow up real fast” – Peter O’Connor


  • Life is about possibility
  • It’s very important to have an interest, doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as it’s interesting and stimulating and/or creative for us, (it’s not about anybody else),
  • Keep up the curiosity, ‘Oh the places curiosity will take us and oh what we will learn and discover is anyone’s guess and this is what makes it exciting.
  • Movement is IMPERATIVE – do balancing exercises or juggle. It supports the left side of our brain and helps with memory. Ride a bike, stand on one leg, hula hoop, bounce from one rock to another ……. as if we were children!
  • see video clip for more information.
  • Start a course, any kind of course, florist, photography, cooking, do a uni degree – anything if this is what you want to do


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