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CP58 – You are Never Too Old to be Awesome

You are Never Too Old to be Awesome

Vladimir Yakovlev has a mission.  He wants to change the perception of life after 70, 80, 90 and even 100 years old through his project ‘The Age of Happiness’.  This weeks podcast looks at his inspiring examples and stories and discusses how it is never too late to find your dream and make it come true!

CP58 – You are Never Too Old to be Awesome

The Age of Happiness

Book Recommendations:

The Zimmers – Grace Cook


Grace Cook 9- – 3 Rules of Happiness

  1. There is no need to whine and complain about the problems of life or age.  There is no sense in it.  You need to get up and do something.
  2. I forgive everything.  I don’t know why there is a need to be angry at anyone.  Listen to people. Just listen and try to understand what they are talking about.
  3. Life whatever you shape it to be.  Be happy – that’s the most important.


Keep on Smiling

Rocking Chair


“Never let an old person sneak into your body” Wayne Dyer

“You are never too old to do anything your body will allow” – Barbara Sheer

“It’s never too late to be ‘who you might’ have been” – Mark Twain

“Frequently remembering we will die, will increase the quality of our lives” – Buster Benson (creator of

“When your glimpse your own mortality you grow up real fast” – Peter O’Connor


  • Life is about possibility
  • It’s very important to have an interest, doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as it’s interesting and stimulating and/or creative for us, (it’s not about anybody else),
  • Keep up the curiosity, ‘Oh the places curiosity will take us and oh what we will learn and discover is anyone’s guess and this is what makes it exciting.
  • Movement is IMPERATIVE – do balancing exercises or juggle. It supports the left side of our brain and helps with memory. Ride a bike, stand on one leg, hula hoop, bounce from one rock to another ……. as if we were children!
  • see video clip for more information.
  • Start a course, any kind of course, florist, photography, cooking, do a uni degree – anything if this is what you want to do


CP57 – The Importance of Flexibility

Definition of the word Flexibility……

Quality of bending easily without breaking,

The ability to be easily modified,

Willingness to change or compromise.

  • Psychological flexibility enables you to engage more easily,
  • Letting go of attachment – diversifying from the plan,
  • Be aware of what is happening to create your ‘LIFE’.
  • Be conscious – Being present will enable you to engage in life
  • What are you controlling in your life?
  • Be adaptable
  • Listening with the intent to reply – CHANGE THIS.
  • Are you listening with the Intent to reply?
  • Get a good psychological range of motion….
  • Learn something new…….and put it into motion,
  • Do something differently – do this often (creates a shift in behaviour),
  • Do something different!
  • Be willing to be wrong
  • Don’t take yourself so seriously
  • Go with the flow
  • Flexibility is a conscious choice
  • Know this….whatever is happening is happening for a reason, be with it, relax into it
  • The definition of ‘Insanity’ is wanting to change ‘What Is’
  • Expand the ‘comfort zone’ – check out this great resource to assist you:
  • Ask yourself – What is the worst thing that will happen? and sit with the answer before making the next move.

Look at what FEAR stands for – let it go. False – Evidence – Appearing – Real

CP57 – The Importance of Flexibility

The Importance of Flexibility

How flexible are you in your life right now?  Can you let go of attachment? Are you willing to be wrong?  Do you take yourself too seriously?  Just as with our physical bodies, the more attention we place on expanding our flexibility, the more likely we are to do it.

CP56 – The Power of Vulnerability

The Power of Vulnerability

Is vulnerability the same as weakness? We often associate vulnerability with emotions we want to avoid such as fear, shame, and uncertainty. Yet we too often lose sight of the fact that vulnerability is also the birthplace of joy, belonging, creativity, authenticity, and love.

CP56 – The Power of Vulnerability



Being honest, authentic, courageous and risking emotional exposure.

Dictionary meaning:

Vulnerability is the state of being open to injury, or appearing as if you are. It might be emotional, like admitting that you’re in love with someone who might only like you as a friend, or it can be literal, like the vulnerability of a soccer goal that’s unprotected by any defensive players.

  • It’s okay to be yourself
  • All we want in life it to belong
  • Know we are worthy
  • Love our self
  • We are deserving
  • Let go of perfectionism (it holds us back from living our life),
  • Ask yourself, ‘What would I do next time?’ Make our life different and learn from the shortcomings, challenges or things that didn’t go according to plan. They are only mistakes if we do not learn from them.
  • Treat Self kindly
  • Let self be seen
  • Just be grateful
  • We need to be able to ask for help or say ‘I made a mistake’
  • People connect more with those who show their weaknesses
  • Vulnerability is about uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. Its about showing up and being seen

CP55 – Embracing Change


David Bowie ‘Changes

“It’s not the blowing of the wind that determines your destination, it’s the set of the sail”

     –  Jim Rohn


To the degree you try and hang on it, it’s to that degree you will suffer.


Let change flow through you, don’t resist it – this is where we grow.


The questions you are prepared to ask yourself determines your outcomes –

  • What’s great about this?
  • What is my part in this?
  • What could be great about this if it could?
  • Is it true?
  • What exactly is happening (this allows the space and thought to really look at the issue)
  • What is the worst thing that will happen?
  • What’s in my control and what is not?


Allow emotions to flow if they need to (acknowledging them is key to growth and moving on – creating change).


Nurture our changes all the time.

Notice the people in your life and the relationships it creates.

Change is inevitable.


It’s important to acknowledge the grief……..a lot of change has grief behind it as we are often loosing something, someone etc.

Put our hand up and ask for help – we don’t do this enough and people like to help. Accept the help offered.

Communication is key (speak it, put it on the table, share it – with a friend, family member, practitioner or a coach).

Reframe the change – take a new approach, get support in doing this, a coach will absolutely support you with this.

Why, Why, Why do I want to do this? What action can I take?


MOST IMPORTANTLY – Have Fun!!!!!! And know, FEAR is simply False Evidence Appearing Real.


CP54 – Tribute to Wayne Dyer


The Movie – THE SHIFT

We came from No-Where and we are Now-here – we have everything, we are love.

Wayne Dyer was known as the Father of Forgiveness – he always talked about the power of forgiving his father when he visited his graveside 30 August 19?? and he died 30 August 2015.

Join his Facebook page and be inspired

Check out Wayne Dyer quotes wayne dyer quotes A free recording of the tribute to Dr Wayne W Dyer recorded 18 September 2015.

Ask yourself “What was my part in this?” will take you to a different place and create calm thinking in the situation.

Say to yourself “I choose peace” this will also calm us in a difficult/noisy/troublesome place.

Wayne was a catalyst for other people to get there work out into the world. He helped Anita Moorjani and Bruce Lipton promote their books.

Your Erroneous Zones was his first book and sold 35 million copies.