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CP43 – Walking the Camino De Santiago – Interview with Debbie Hogg

Walking the Camino De Santiago – Interview with Debbie Hogg

An inspiring interview with our fellow Coach Debbie Hogg who is embarking on an 800km (8 weeks) Pilgrimage walk on the Camino de Santiago by herself. Find out what inspired her to take this journey and how she is looking forward to unplugging and enjoying the solitude!

CP42 – What is Metaphysics and how does it impact our lives?

What is Metaphysics and how does it impact our lives?

For better or worse, our minds and bodies are interconnected We all have control over how we think and react to the things around us and our thoughts can have a huge impact on our health. Find out some amazing facts about the mind-body connection.

CP41 – How to Unplug and Reconnect with Ourselves

How to Unplug and Reconnect with Ourselves

Our growing reliance on technology has created a noisy traffic jam between us and our place of insight and peace. People seem to be busy being busy! How can we learn to have quiet time and reconnect with our loved ones and ourselves? Listen in to hear some ideas on how to unplug!

CP40 - A conversation about eating challenges

A Conversation about Eating Challenges

Recent studies and reports have revealed figures that show that the number of teenagers and young people with eating disorders had soared by 110% in the last three years. What are the causes and warning signs? Join in the conversation in trying to understand this serious disorder and how we can help as parents.

CP39 – Don’t Stay in School

‘Don’t Stay in School– BoyinaBand

British Rapper Boyinaband (David Brown) brings a powerful statement in his YouTube video about how he believes the education system doesn’t prepare us at all for the world ahead.  He insists that he isn’t encouraging anyone to drop out of school; rather he wants useless knowledge to be given far less attention.  This has started a conversation all around the world and now you can join in the conversation on this podcast!

CP38 – Making it Happen

Making it Happen!

We all have dreams, goals and plans for our lives. However, it takes persistence, action and focus to achieve even the simplest goals. Taking action is the catalyst to every successful experience and without it; you simply cannot move forward and manifest your dreams and desires.  Join us in this conversation about how to Make it Happen!

CP37 – The Power of Happiness – Interview with Jeff Allen

The Power of Happiness – Interview with Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is known as the ‘Mind Whisperer’.  He has been a Personal Mentor and Life Coach for 16 years and has spent the last 25 years studying Eastern and Western Psychology in order to understand the mind more fully. Listen in as the Coaches interview Jeff about his new book ‘The Power of Happiness’ which offers solutions to your daily problems and shows you how to live a life with meaning, satisfaction and lasting happiness!

CP36 – Your Self Coaching Tool Box

Your Self Coaching Tool Box

Join us for our second podcast on providing you with simple self-coaching tools and techniques you can use to help create direction and change in your life. Everybody can benefit from working with a Life Coach, however you can also learn to coach yourself and apply these simple self-coaching tools in your own life!

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