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CP38 – Making it Happen

  • Planning – Ask questions – have a strategy to seal with the obstacles.
  • Surrender – As David said, know the reasons that this is happening, be with it and then simply surrender as it’s out of our control.
  • What is your WHY? Why are we doing what we are doing, Why do we want this or that? Digging deep to find the WHY,
  • Make action immediate – Do you want to be one of the 80% of the population who reside on ‘Some Day Isle’ yeah, I’ll do that someday! TAKE THE ACTION IMMEDIATELY!
  • Follow the coaching GROW model when an idea is dreamed/ visualised – What is the GOAL? What is happening in your REALITY that is stopping you?  What are the OPTIONS (list them all down and choose just one to move you into action), What is the WAY forward from here, what will you 100% Do to get your vision happening?
  • Do a planner – yearly, quarterly or monthly – what are your Roles and Goals over this period?
  • Journal – update your goals in your journal and look at it regularly, rewrite if we have to – great power in journaling
  • Persistence and Action – as discussed around the Katie Perry movie
  • “Desire creates it’s own talents” – Eric Hoffer
  • Clarity is King
  • Be willing to experience uncomfortable emotions
  • Do one creative thing once a day (the momentum and creativity will blow you away),
  • ‘If you know what your doing your not innovative”
  • Great resource about what it means to truly ‘Surrender to your Purpose’: http://www.georgezalucki.com/dvd.html
  • Do one thing towards your goal every day
  • What is your excuse for not taking action?

CP38 – Making it Happen

Making it Happen!

We all have dreams, goals and plans for our lives. However, it takes persistence, action and focus to achieve even the simplest goals. Taking action is the catalyst to every successful experience and without it; you simply cannot move forward and manifest your dreams and desires.  Join us in this conversation about how to Make it Happen!

CP23 – What is Stopping You?


10 Things that could be stopping you from reaching your Goal –

  1. Fear
  2. Evaluation
  3. Comparing yourself to Others
  4. Taking on too much responsibility
  5. Poor time management
  6. Indecisiveness
  7. Setting Unrealistic Goals
  8. Hanging around negative people
  9. Impatience
  10. Procrastination


Eat that Frog Youtube video 1.30mins

“You won’t know the next step until you’ve taken the first”.

  • Trust the process and everything is a process, the FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.
  • Understand the Benefits to why it is that we are doing it.


Book Recommendations:

CP23 – What is Stopping You?

What is Stopping You?

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions, however the statistics say that about 92% of people fail to achieve them. They know what to do – the popular resolutions are all straightforward – but something holds them back from succeeding. You’ve probably experienced the same problem.  In today’s Coach Pod the coaches discuss the most common reasons that get in the way of people achieving their goals and dreams.