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CP47– Empowered Adults – Inspired Kids – Interview with Cindy Russell


Cindy Russell – www.cindyrussell.com.au


  • The more you think about something the bigger it gets
  • We create our own rules around things eg. children with where they come in the race, what they have compared to their friends and reaching grades.
  • Change the rules around our outcomes (learn to let go and lighten up).
  • Teach our children tools to create new guidelines and prepare them for adulthood
  • Imagination is key to our experiences
  • Imagination comes up with the answer to satisfy the question
  • Developing a strong foundation is important in our lives
  • Working on self is a constant.
  • Ask our children ‘how do you want to feel’?
  • Notice the difference between how you feel now and how you want to feel (do the exercise and go there, now notice the difference).
  • Sharing our journey with our children is very powerful. Let them see some of the things that can happen in our life and talk through the feelings, consequences and the tools and processes to improve it. When our children see this happening they also learn. Gives children confidence, empowerment and security.
  • Telling children what ‘not’ to do, doesn’t work
  • Every behavior has a positive intent
  • Its never too late to have a fabulous childhood.
  • What would your childhood have been like if you were taught to –
    • Follow your instinct and intuition
    • Trust yourself
    • Believe in yourself
    • Love yourself

Cindy’s Programs

  • Wake up Happy
  • Kids coaching programs
  • Energy Readings
  • ‘Be Unreal’ School program
  • NLP in everyday life – online program

’10 day’ Happiness Challenge


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CP47 Interview with Cindy Russell

Empowered Adults – Inspired Kids – Interview with Cindy Russell

Cindy Russell is on a mission to create a happy healthy planet one person at a time! She is a Life Coach, NLP and kinesiology practitioner who has worked with children and adults for 17 years to help them wake up to their full potential and create an ‘awesome’ life.

CP37 – The Power of Happiness – Interview with Jeff Allen

The Power of Happiness by Jeff Allen


Happiness is not a random event. It is a by-product of living a deliberate, fulfilled and worthwhile life.

As you make relevant inner changes you begin to notice your outer world changing as well. Then when you pay attention, it becomes obvious that your outer world has changed in response to your inner changes.

The Power of Happiness will engage you in self-discovery, offer solutions to your daily problems, and show you how to live that life – a life with meaning, satisfaction and lasting happiness.

This book offers hands-on guidance on how to change old patterns so that you can consciously move from feeling disconnected or unsatisfied to your true nature of inner strength, certainty and contentment. This is how you create the life of your dreams – become the person of your dreams.


Book Recommendations:

The Power of Happiness

CP37 – The Power of Happiness – Interview with Jeff Allen

The Power of Happiness – Interview with Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is known as the ‘Mind Whisperer’.  He has been a Personal Mentor and Life Coach for 16 years and has spent the last 25 years studying Eastern and Western Psychology in order to understand the mind more fully. Listen in as the Coaches interview Jeff about his new book ‘The Power of Happiness’ which offers solutions to your daily problems and shows you how to live a life with meaning, satisfaction and lasting happiness!

CP36 – Your Self Coaching Tool Box

  • Desire Maps – looking at 4 core desires (looking at your feelings on a daily basis) set up a plan around these desires,
  • The 5 why’s:  When contemplating a specific goal, ask yourself ‘why’ you’d want that, and then ‘why’ that. Within 5 why’s you will drill down to your ultimate value behind that goal.
  • ‘Goal Mapping’ created by Brian Mayne, provides a new way to describe your Goals visually, using colour and diagrams to give them greater impact for you. www.liftinternational.com
  • Vision Boarding, creating your vision and putting it on small paper or large cardboard – create it so you are reminded constantly, it acts like a magnet and a beautiful reminder,
  • Mind Mapping – Tony Buzan has many books on this,
  • Mindmeister – can import Mind Maps to the computer and design to suit your preferred style of Map.
  • The Gratitude Diary App
  • The Life Wheel – great reality check and growth tool
  • Ask the question: Am I doing this from love or fear?

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CP36 – Your Self Coaching Tool Box

Your Self Coaching Tool Box

Join us for our second podcast on providing you with simple self-coaching tools and techniques you can use to help create direction and change in your life. Everybody can benefit from working with a Life Coach, however you can also learn to coach yourself and apply these simple self-coaching tools in your own life!

CP30 – Your Self Coaching Toolbox

  • Powerful questioning –

When things aren’t going according to plan (something isn’t available you thought would be, or people pull out of your project etc) ask yourself:

–       What could be great about this?

–        What else is great about this?

Or you might even ask:

How could I be grateful that this has happened?


  • Life wheels/NLP techniques
  • Perfect –v- Good Enough exercise (2 columns and list in one column the perfect scenario and in the other what would be good enough.
  • Chunking down into bench marks: (breaking down step 1/2/3/4/5)
  • Be in the right state – for the right situation Ask ourselves, how do I need to show up? What is my attitude going into this conversation/situation? Take time out to rethink, re-energize before having the conversation. Different states give us different outcomes.
  • Change our language around the words we use ie. Confrontation change to Discussion:
  • When scared change to learning something new
  • What is my intention (setting the intention is very important)
  • Breathing techniques – 10 breaths, take a deep breath count to 10, breath all the way out, repeat counting down to 0:
  • Breath in for 4, hold for 32 and then let out for 16 counts
  • Breath in and out for 4, hold for 5 then breath in and out for 4.
  • What are you tolerating?  (Make a list and act on them)
  • Morning Questions: What am I looking forward to today?  What am I proud of? What will I accomplish today? Who do I love? Who loves me?


5 Step Self Coaching Process:

  1. Clarify your problem – What is happening that you don’t want?
  2. What do you want to achieve? – What is the ideal outcome you would like?
  3. Generate ideas and solutions – Brainstorm some ideas you could move forward with?
  4. What is the way forward? – What do you think will give you the best outcome?
  5. Take Action – What action will you commit to?

Life Wheel – click here to view

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CP30 – Your Self Coaching Toolbox

Your Self Coaching Toolbox

Everybody can benefit from working with a Life Coach, however you can also learn to coach yourself and apply these simple self-coaching tools in your own life.  Along with powerful questions the coaches share some of their most effective tools and techniques to help you reach your goals.