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CP57 – The Importance of Flexibility

Definition of the word Flexibility……

Quality of bending easily without breaking,

The ability to be easily modified,

Willingness to change or compromise.

  • Psychological flexibility enables you to engage more easily,
  • Letting go of attachment – diversifying from the plan,
  • Be aware of what is happening to create your ‘LIFE’.
  • Be conscious – Being present will enable you to engage in life
  • What are you controlling in your life?
  • Be adaptable
  • Listening with the intent to reply – CHANGE THIS.
  • Are you listening with the Intent to reply?
  • Get a good psychological range of motion….
  • Learn something new…….and put it into motion,
  • Do something differently – do this often (creates a shift in behaviour),
  • Do something different!
  • Be willing to be wrong
  • Don’t take yourself so seriously
  • Go with the flow
  • Flexibility is a conscious choice
  • Know this….whatever is happening is happening for a reason, be with it, relax into it
  • The definition of ‘Insanity’ is wanting to change ‘What Is’
  • Expand the ‘comfort zone’ – check out this great resource to assist you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8tHIi5ebEM
  • Ask yourself – What is the worst thing that will happen? and sit with the answer before making the next move.

Look at what FEAR stands for – let it go. False – Evidence – Appearing – Real

CP57 – The Importance of Flexibility

The Importance of Flexibility

How flexible are you in your life right now?  Can you let go of attachment? Are you willing to be wrong?  Do you take yourself too seriously?  Just as with our physical bodies, the more attention we place on expanding our flexibility, the more likely we are to do it.